Where can I find a timetable for my programme?

Please note: A dedicated webpage for information about COVID-19, containing FAQ’s, can be accessed here.

In previous years, the MyTimetable service was used to give students access to personalised module timetables. However, due to the nature of online, blended and on-campus teaching, the MyTimetable service has been temporarily withdrawn. In the meantime, your detailed timetable will be made available to you through Canvas, your Virtual Learning Environment, after you have completed programme and module registration. Your first year Academic Timetable may not be available until late September.  Your timetable, however, may be significantly different to last year now that Covid-19 restrictions are easing. There are several factors that may impact the issue of your timetable:

- Overall COVID numbers projected

- Impact of the vaccination programme

- Behaviour of Delta (and subsequent variants). 

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