What should I do while waiting for the result of the exam/assessment appeal?

The exam/assessment appeals process takes time - averaging 4-5 weeks - if you are appealing a failed Summer module that you must repeat for the Autumn Examination Board or an autumn module that you must repeat in the following academic year. Your official status is as a repeat student and this is what you must register as. Your registration will be changed if your appeal is upheld (i.e. successful) and the Examinations Appeals Committee decide to change your marks and judgement to enable you to pass and progress to the next year of your programme.

If you are appealing an Autumn examination result you should seek permission from the relevant departments to sit in as an observer in the modules you would hope to participate in if your exam/assessment appeal is upheld (i.e. successful) on a conditional basis until your appeal decision is made.

For further information please see exam appeals, mitigation, and re-checks.

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