Will the Department see my exam/assessment appeal?

Yes, the Head of the Department/School for the module(s) you are appealing will receive a copy of your appeal from the Examination Appeals Officer.

The Head of Department/School will be asked to:

  1. Complete a recheck on the results of this module. Note: a ‘recheck’ means that a second Internal Examiner will confirm the result of the module. To do this a Department will ensure that all elements submitted for assessment were considered and assessed and that no errors occurred in the recording, collating, or combining of marks. The recheck also confirms that the summary mark, as presented to the University Examination Board, was correct. NB: Crucially rechecks do not involve reassessment of the examination paper(s) or other submitted material.
  2. The Head of Department/School will be asked for the Department’s opinion on the merits of the appeal.

The Department’s response will be sent to the appellant by the Examinations Appeals Officer. The appellant can respond to the Department’s opinion if they believe, with evidence, that there is a factual inaccuracy.

The Examinations Appeals Committee will take the Department’s response (and any subsequent responses by the appellant and/or Department) into account when deciding on the merits of the appeal. However, the sole and final decision on the appeal rests with the Examination Appeals Committee only.

For further information please see exam appeals, mitigation, and re-checks.

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