What should I include in the Personal Statement as part of a exam/assessment appeal application?

Your personal statement should be structured as follows:

  • Paragraph 1: a brief introduction to what programme you are studying and what module(s) you are appealing, what mark(s)/judgement(s) you received in this module(s) and a brief synopsis of what you perceive are the grounds for your appeal.

  • Paragraph 2: Outlining in more detail what you believe is your grounds for appeal under the specific Grounds you were appealing under. – i) directly referring to any supporting evidence that you have for your claim and its impact (as you perceive it) on your assessment and study for assessments. and ii) identify if there are parts of the assessment in the module were you have shown academic competence in this module (i.e. were you have passed elements) - remember that Committee must also be concerned with your academic competence in this area.

  • Concluding paragraph: Set out what you hope for if your appeal was to be upheld (i.e. successful).

For further information please see exam appeals, mitigation, and re-checks.

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