What features can I use with my Umail student email?

If you are a registered student, please use this link which contains the most up to date information.  https://ucc-amc.ivanticloud.com/Modules/SelfService/#knowledgeBase/view/B9ECCE06F6A34779BF48A2ED309629D0

  • Searching your email is fast and easy: use search to find the exact message you want, no matter when it was sent or received.  Don't spend time sorting your email - simply search, and let Umail do the rest.
  • Related messages are grouped together: Each message you send is grouped together with all the responses you receive, so you can always see your messages in context.
  • The chat feature is built-in: Chat with other students with just one click.  Or use voice and video chat to hear or see students - all you need is a webcam and we recommend to use the Chrome Browser.
  • Labels and filters help you organise and manage your emails: Labels do all the work folders do, but with more flexibility; you can apply more than one label to any conversation.  Filters can be used to automatically label, archive, delete, or forward messages.
  • Getting your email on the go means you're not confined to checking email at home or in the Open Access IT Centres: Mobile optimised view means you can access your email wherever you are on your mobile device.

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