Can I send mail from my mail alias?

If you are a registered student, please use this link which contains the most up to date information.  https://ucc-amc.ivanticloud.com/Modules/SelfService/#knowledgeBase/view/1382F127817346BCBA6491B46D693560 

Yes (but we recommend that you do not change this setting).  To send email from your mail alias please complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Umail account
  2. Click on Gear icon in the menu on the top right of screen
  3. Click on the Accounts Tab
  4. Click on Add another email address you own (This will open a new page)
  5. In the Email addresses field enter your email alias (e.g. a.student@umail.ucc.ie)
  6. Click on Next Step
  7. Click on Send Verification

An email will be sent to your umail.ucc.ie account.  Use this to verify ownership of the account.

You can now send email using your mail alias.

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