I received an email from timetables@ucc.ie – what does it mean?

If you are a registered student, please use this link which contains the most up to date information.   https://ucc-amc.ivanticloud.com/Modules/SelfService/#knowledgeBase/view/D10149209F1C4CD18452F5FFDD884CF3

Emails are sent when changes are made to any activity on your personalised timetable in MyTimeTable. These emails will inform you of whether there has been a change or a cancellation. However, you are advised to check your timetable on MyTimeTable for full details, as this will always be up to date with respect to changes to timetabled activities.  NOTE: Departments will continue to inform you of last minute changes to single occurrences of an activity. These changes sometimes occur too close to the start date or time for a corresponding amendment to the underlying room booking system, so in this case, these emails should continue to be the definitive source of information for such last minute changes.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, or if you need additional support, contact us:

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