How do I release a print job?

If you are a registered student, please use this link which contains the most up to date information.   https://ucc-amc.ivanticloud.com/Modules/SelfService/#knowledgeBase/view/6AF63ED2A7C04F4389AA565DB7972F06

Once you have sent a file to the printer you will need to release it from a card reader next to the printer:

  • Tap your student card on the Card Reader to log in
  • On the Home Screen, select Secure Print
  • To print the job as is, select the document screen and select "Print + Delete"
  • You can change print settings by selecting the document and selecting the Options button
  • The print job can be changed from Colour to B&W and from Simplex to Duplex
  • Press the Set Options button to confirm change

Stay logged in while the printer is processing your jobs

Log out when your job is complete

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