How many credits do I need to do for my PhD?

As a PhD student, you will undertake an equivalent student workload of 90 ECTS credits for each calendar year of full-time research, or 45 credits per year of part-time research. This means that, if you are approved for a 3 year, full-time programme, you will need to complete a minimum of 270 credits for consideration for the award of PhD. 

As part of your programme you are required to take a minimum level of 15 credits of coursework and training over the course of your PhD programme. The maximum number of module credits that you can take over a three year period is 30 credits, or 90 credits over 4 years. 

Please check the College Calendar to see if there are specific requirements for the PhD programme you are registered for. 

Please familiarise yourself with UCC's webpages for research students

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