How do I apply for Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)?

To make a Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) application, you must register a SUSI account. Once you have registered with SUSI, they will invite you to make an application through your SUSI online account. 

Prior to making an application, we would encourage you do the eligibility reckoner. These will assist in determining what class of applicant you are – Dependent, Mature Dependent or Independent and if you are eligible for a grant. To be further considered for a SUSI grant, you will need to disclose total earned income of the household for the year prior to entry into an approved course. Please see SUSI thresholds and awards for more information.

Once you are aware of what class of applicant you are and ready to make a application; in the application process,  we will ask you a range of biographical questions such as nationality, dates of birth, education prior to attending an approved course, your normal place of residence and dependent children within the household etc. Making an application, while it is primarily done online, SUSI will request supporting documenting. It is important that you supply SUSI with all of the documentation that they request from you, correctly first time and on time. If you need more time then contact the support desk to let them.  

You can use the application tracker in your online account to check the progress of your application at any stage. For more information on making an application please see SUSI Grant Process.

Please note: You must make and complete a SUSI application to be considered for funding. If a SUSI application is not made and completed within the application acceptance window, you may be liable for the payment of relevant college contribution and late fees.



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