What is the 3-month grace period for research students?

If your approved registration period is about to expire, you have an additional three months in which you can submit your thesis for examination without being held liable for registration fees. However, you must still register for the next academic year. If you do not submit within the three month grace period, you will then become liable for fees.

If you submit after your approved registration has expired, you will be charged at the following rate: 

  • If you submit within 0-3 months: no fee (3 month grace period)
  • If you submit within 3-6 months: €850
  • If you submit within 6-12 months: an additional €850
  • If you submit within 12 month plus : additional €1700 per annum.

Read full instructions for research thesis submission and examination here.

Please familiarise yourself with UCC's webpages for research students

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