What is a waiver of capping of marks and how can I apply?

If you were unable to attend an examination or did not pass an examination/assessment, you are automatically registered for the Autumn Supplemental/Repeat exams.

In normal circumstances, if a student has to repeat an examination/assessment the marks are capped for that examination at 40% or 50% (depending on the pass standard of the module) This means that no matter what 'actual' mark you achieve, a maximum of 40% or 50% will be used to calculate your overall result for the year. The actual mark will be recorded on your student record (Academic Transcript).

If you had mitigating circumstances/grounds which prevented you from attending an examination or affected your performance in an examination, you can apply for a Waiver of capping of marks for a resulting Supplemental/Repeat Year Examination. To apply, you have to wait until your results have been finalised at Spring or Summer Examination Boards depending on your programme and you need to apply within 2 weeks of the date your finalised results are released.

See Results Release dates

Please note that where you have been found to have breached exam regulations for a module, you are ineligible for a Waiver of capping of marks for that module's Supplemental/Repeat year examination. 
For more information and to access the online application form, see Examinations - Mitigation


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