Why is Colm Kenefick leaving?

Colm is moving onto bigger and better things and discovering life on a planet outside UCC world, away from payment plans, transcript order forms, knowledge bases and self-service letters. The Student Central team will particularly miss his willingness to agree to any and all of their mad ideas, even he he always said no before changing to a suspicious and reluctant yes - yet delivering on all requests, usually ahead of schedule. Colm's legacy in digital transformation at UCC will live on and staff and students will continue to reap the benefits of all the improvements made. 

We strongly advise Colm's new employer not to give him a landline as he has a tendency to bury his phone under papers, desks and floorboards and reacts with an air of astonishment any time it rings. In a world that sometimes gets 'lost in translation' between IT services and central admin, Colm has successfully mastered the art of 'non-IT speak' and manages to successfully interpret fuzzy ideas to produce really cool results. 

We are actually quite gutted that Colm is leaving but wish him all the very best with his new role. #happyforcolm #sadforus


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