What does “pass by compensation” mean?

If you fail one or more modules, but your marks are above a certain level, you may be allowed to pass the year overall. This is called “passing by compensation”.

It’s important to note the following three points:

  • We cannot determine whether you can pass a module by compensation until after all your results for the year are approved by an examination board (in June/July for most students). Semester 1 results released in February are only provisional, and therefore subject to change.
  • Compensation does not apply to all programmes. To find out whether compensation is allowed in your programme, look up the Marks and Standards for your programme and go to the section called “Pass and Progression Standard”.
  • In programmes where compensation is allowed, the rules for compensation can be different. Again, check the rules for your programme carefully in the Marks and Standards under “Pass and Progression Standard”.

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